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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate
Kleinbaai is a Beautiful Lifestyle Estate, close to Gansbaai and a mere 43km from Hermanus. It is ideal for those looking to downsize, get away, holiday home, work remotely, settle with the family, or simply enjoy a slower pace of life away from the buzz of the city.
  • Perfect for a lucrative Airbnb option.
  • Secure Living
  • Coastal Lifestyle
  • Transfer costs included
  • R30 000 securing deposit
  • Buy directly from the developer
  • 100% pre-approved bonds available
  • 24-hour security with perimeter fencing and access-controlled gatehouse
  • Lifestyle Centre with access to medical care, and a children’s play area
  • It is within driving distance of the beach.
  • Ideal as a family holiday home, buy to live as a resident or investment opportunity.

What does the Exclusive Limited Offer Special include?
  • Covered Patio to the value of R 40 000
  • Free Solar-system 5kW Hybrid and battery
  • Free R 50 000 Incanda Furniture Voucher
  • Free levies to the value of R 5 000
  • Transfer Costs Included
  • Discount on bond registration costs
  • Grass in the front garden included
  • Gas stove

What amenities are available at Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate?
Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate features :
  • Lifestyle Centre with access to medical care
  • Fiber connection
  • Pet friendly
  • Children’s Play Area
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Loadshedding Proof
Is Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate pet-friendly?
Yes, bring your furry friends along.
Can I only purchase a plot to build later?
No, there are two plans to choose from and is included in the price.
How is security ensured within Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate?
24-hour security with perimeter fencing and access-controlled gatehouse. Security Cameras on Perimeter.
Are medical facilities nearby?
Yes, Overstrand Medical Centre
Will Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate be overseen by a Homeowners Association (HOA)?
Yes, all owners are part of the HOA, collectively managing aspects of the estate.
What are the levies for living at Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate?
Levies are currently R795 month, subject to change by the HOA.
What social activities and attractions are nearby?
Various Social Activities, something for everyone.
  • 5-minute driving distance to the beach
  • Stanfords Bay Beach
  • Bird-watching
  • Marine Big 5 Sea-safaris
  • Whale-watching
  • Wine Estate
  • Gansbaai Golf course
  • Shark Cage Diving
  • Nature Reserves
  • African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary
  • Crocodile farm
  • Well-known Restaurants – Dine at Grootbos and Afrikanos
  • Fine-dining restaurants
  • Hiking and horse Trails
Are there Schools close to Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate?
Yes, Primary and High Schools in Gansbaai and also in Hermanus
How does Plot-and-Plan work?
Plot-and-Plan means buying a plot of land and funding the construction of a dwelling on the plot. There are two Plot-and-Plan agreements to be signed, one for the plot and one for the construction. If the construction is funded, the payment thereof is split into three or four payments, which are made at various stages of the construction process.
Getting a home loan on Plot-and-Plan
You must apply for a building loan, which is a similar process to applying for a home loan. The bank granting you the building loan will pay the builder in three or four stages, which are called draws. An inspector will authorise each draw in line with the completed building work. You will only begin making installment payments on the loan once the construction has been completed. Starting from your first progress payment, interest is calculated on the daily outstanding balance and is capitalized to the account monthly. This is known as interim interest, and it is added to the loan amount. However, this interest is not paid during the building period.

Whether you are applying for a building or a home loan, Cape Holdings Home Loans can assist you by submitting your application to multiple banks, thereby helping secure you low-interest rates.
What are the advantages of Plot-and-Plan?
Buyers save on transfer duty as development sales are inclusive of VAT and therefore regarded by banks as the purchase price, which means that the buyer doesn’t need to fund transfer duty with cash.
How do I unlock my Limited Time Offer?

Once you have signed up, click on any UNLOCK MY LIMITED TIME OFFER button to answer a few simple questions. Thereafter, you will be entitled to the discount and the discount will automatically be subtracted from the listed sales price when you reserve one or more Plot-and-Plan.

How do I shortlist a Plot-and-Plan Home?
To add a Plot-and-Plan home to your list of preferred options, you need to first sign in to see the Price List. If you have not created an account yet, create one now.

To add a Plot-and-Plan home to your shortlist, simply click on the ADD TO LIST button on the chosen Plot-and-Plan home's listing.

To view all the Plot-and-Plan homes you have shortlisted, click on the MY SHORTLIST item on the menu. Here you can also remove Plot-and-Plan homes from your shortlist at any time.

On or after the sales launch event, a RESERVE button will be visible on your shortlisted Plot-and-Plan homes. You will also be able to reserve up to 3 Plot-and-Plan homes simultaneously from MY SHORTLIST.

How do I reserve a Plot-and-Plan home?

On 17 January 2024 at 10:00, online sales will go live and a RESERVE button will appear on the PRICE LIST and in MY SHORTLIST.

Reserve your Plot-and-Plan home in 5 easy steps:
  1. Sign in to the Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate website
  2. Click the RESERVE button on the plot's listing on the PRICE LIST. If you've shortlisted the Plot-and-Plan home, you can also reserve it from MY SHORTLIST. You can reserve a maximum of 3 Plot-and-Plan homes at a time.
  3. You will directed to the CHECKOUT page, where you can review the pricing and selected Plot-and-Plan home(s). The reservation fee is R20 000 per plot.
  4. On the CHECKOUT page, accept the Terms and Conditions and click RESERVE NOW! 
  5. Next you will go to the RESERVATION FEE PAYMENT page and have 15 minutes to submit payment in our secure online payment portal..
You will receive a confirmation email once the payment is successful. One of our sales agents will then contact you to conclude the offer to purchase.

If you want to be the first buyer to reserve a Plot-and-Plan home(s), sign in a few minutes before the launch event and have your credit card details ready!


  • Only one buyer at a time will be allowed to make a reservation payment for a selected Plot-and-Plan home.
  • If you are the first buyer to hit the RESERVE NOW! button in the CHECKOUT page (after the sales launch event), you will have an exclusive 15 minutes period to submit online payment, no-one else can make a payment for the samePlot-and-Plan home during this period. Should your first attempt not be successful, then you can try another debit or credit card, but once the 15 minute payment period has expired without successful payment, you will lose the exclusive opportunity to pay online and the Plot-and-Plan home(s) will become available again for other investors to reserve.
  • If you are not the first person to hit the RESERVE NOW! button in the CHECKOUT page for a selected Plot-and-Plan home, then the status of that Plot-and-Plan home will become PENDING while the other person submits payment. If the other person is not successful to make payment within the allocated 15 minute period, then that Plot-and-Plan home will become available again and you can try again to reserve it afterwards.
  • Once the status of a plot becomes RESERVED, then no-one else can attempt to reserve that Plot-and-Plan home afterwards.
  • The buyer will have time to provide guarantees and fulfill commercial conditions, and if met, the status of the Plot-and-Plan home will become SOLD on the Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate.
  • However, if the purchase transaction becomes null and void (for example if commercial conditions are not met), then Harcourts Dunn will make the Plot-and-Plan home available again to other buyers on the Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate website.
Is the online payment portal secure?

YES! The service provider for the online payment portal is Payfast, one of the most established and trusted payment portals in South Africa based in Cape Town.

VISA and Mastercard credit cards and debit cards are accepted, and all card payment require 3D-Secure verification (OTP sent to your mobile device).

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